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“Part mystery, part psychological thriller, Where is my Husband? moves quickly, dragging the reader in a slipstream behind it." - Kim Herdman Shapiro, author of the Wynter Island Mysteries


"Truth? What is the truth?" As Mallory sorts through the last few days, her memory of a perfect marriage morphs into disturbing flashbacks. Should she try to find Jake or let him go? His life depends on her.

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Love’s a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Too many secrets, too many lies -- and now a missing husband.

Since the death of her parents, Mallory has suffered from increased anxiety and depression. When she falls in love with Jake, he revives her will to live. 

One day Jake is a no-show at work, even though Mallory dropped him off there. She can’t find him anywhere. When Mallory hears noises at night, and senses someone watching her inside their home, she suspects the reason for Jake’s disappearance stems from something sinister. And if her husband’s life is in danger, then so is hers and their baby’s. 

As memories of her happy life with Jake morph into haunting flashbacks, Mallory realizes there’s a dark side to their relationship and that their marriage is far from perfect. She wonders if she knew her husband at all. 
Now she must decide whether it’s worth having him home or if she should forget he ever existed. Mallory has so much to lose—the perfect little family that she’s a
lways imagined.

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