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Book Clubs

If you would like to have me as a guest at your book club to discuss one of my books on Zoom, contact me.

Questions for The Dead Lie:



  1. What were your thoughts about Lana’s traumatic experience 11 years ago and how it affected her life and who she has become?

  2. How do the flashbacks and references to Lana’s past add to the understanding of her character and her actions?

  3. Do you agree with Lana’s decision to probe into her parents’ past? Why do you think she felt compelled to go back to Croatia?

  4. What do you like about Lana’s character? What do you dislike about her? What traits make her a good amateur detective?

  5. While reading, did you feel that Lana was cursed, or the victim of circumstances, or the cause of her own misery? 

  6. What do you think Lana should have done differently at any specific point that might have changed her fate?

  7. Discuss Cheryl and Jim’s relationship, and her relationships with other men in the story. Does she love her husband? 

  8. Discuss Lana’s relationship with her parents and her relationship with Zora. 

  9. How do Lana’s cultural background and her parents’ prejudices influence her life?

  10. Discuss how Lana’s newfound family in Croatia treats her. Should they have told her the whole truth up front or was their secrecy warranted?

  11. Discuss the relationship between Lana and Matija. Where did you think it would lead? Did you guess the truth about who Matija is and his motives?

  12. How do Lana’s friends help her? Would she have found closure without their assistance?

  13. Which character were you most suspicious of throughout the book, and what clues made you suspect they were hiding something?

  14. Discuss the themes of revenge and redemption in relationship to the characters and their motivation.




  1. How did you feel about the setting of the book and the descriptions of Croatia? Have you been to Croatia?

  2. Which part of Lana’s trip did you enjoy reading about the most?

  3. Discuss the parallel between Croatia’s history and Lana’s past, and her frequent references to the importance of history as she visits places in her parents’ homeland.

  4. How does the setting and description of the Halloween party contribute to the story?




  1. Do you consider this novel to be more of a mystery or a thriller? What aspects/scenes of the book made you feel that way?

  2. How did the author build suspense and keep you reading?

  3. Were there settings or scenes that created an eerie, almost horror-like atmosphere?

  4. Were there scenes or interactions between characters that added a lighter tone to the mood of the story?

  5. What was the role of the romantic scenes/references in the book?




  1. What did you find most surprising about what Lana uncovered during her trip to Croatia?

  2. What clues along the way helped you to solve the mystery of Lana’s parents’ deaths and who was responsible?

  3. Was there a point where you figured out some of the mystery before it was revealed? 

  4. Were there red herrings that led you to wrong conclusions about what was happening?

  5. What twists and turns added to the mystery and made it more enjoyable to read?

  6. Discuss how the chapters set 30 years ago parallel Lana’s life experiences.

  7. What did you think of the ending and how things were left with Lana’s ‘mishaps’?


General Questions:


  1. The title has a triple meaning. Discuss what it means to you. How does the cover fit with the title?

  2. Did you enjoy the book? What parts did you like? What do you feel could have been improved? Did the book leave you feeling you want to read the next one in the series?

  3. Would the book make a good movie? How would it play out visually on a screen? Who would you cast in the role of Lana and other main characters?

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