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“A gripping mystery thriller that keeps you turning the pages. Lost Like Me is full of dark secrets, missing persons, and crazy twists. Ivanka Fear keeps us guessing to the very last page!”– Joseph Souza, bestselling author

“Running is the only way to escape your demons." Cheryl is a lost girl at risk of being found. Twelve years after a horrific event, she is now a reporter happily living a lie far from home under a new identity. When her husband’s receptionist goes missing, Cheryl helps search for her. She may wish she hadn’t. 

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You can't wash away your past.

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Two women’s lives intersect. One goes missing and needs to be found while the other must remain lost. Both their lives depend on it.


Following a horrific event twelve years ago, Cheryl MacGregor disappeared from the city where she grew up and moved to a remote northern town, assuming a new identity with her husband, Jim. She thought she was safe from the danger that led her to flee—until her parents’ deaths last year. 


When Jim’s receptionist, Julia, mysteriously vanishes from her home Cheryl teams up with Detective Scott Evans for two reasons: to find Julia and to write the exclusive report that will forward Cheryl’s career as a journalist. While investigating the possibility that Julia’s disappearance may be linked to strange happenings at an abandoned mine, Cheryl uncovers a connection to her own former life, reminding her that the threat to her family is still out there.


As wildfires threaten the town, Cheryl and Detective Evans race against the encroaching smoke to find Julia before it’s too late. When the investigation hits too close to home, Cheryl must face the reality that she may never be lost enough to escape her past.

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Lost Like Me

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