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Reviews for Where is My Husband?

"A twisted story of lies and obsession, this riveting psycho-thriller kept me flipping pages into the night. Be sure to keep the lights on!" — Sue Jaskula, Romantic Suspense Author


“Where is My Husband is a well-crafted thriller that will draw you in on page one and keep you hooked until the very end. If you liked Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, then you’ll absolutely love this book. It’s perfect for fans of domestic thrillers who enjoy suspense and tension and stories that aren’t what they seem. Since this is the first of three books, I can’t wait to see what happens next to the “happy” couple! — Gayle Brown, Author of A Deadly Game 


 "Where is my Husband, Book One in a new series by Ivanka Fear, author of The Dead Lie, follows a young woman struggling to find her missing husband. Part mystery, part psychological thriller, Where is my Husband? moves quickly, dragging the reader in a slipstream behind it. Don’t get too comfortable. You may think you’ve solved the mystery, but then the entire plot shifts and you realize that you haven’t understood anything at all. A dramatic fast-paced ride, Where is my Husband? is a great read for those looking for a book crammed full of twists, turns and unexpected outcomes." — Kim Herdman Shapiro, Author of The Wynter Island Mysteries


“A masterful tale of suspense with layers and secrets you won’t see coming.” — Michelle Godard Richer, Award winning author of Fatal Hunt

"In this piece of domestic suspense, Fear's deliberate unraveling of a seemingly perfect marriage has you wondering, how well do we know the person closest to us?" — Natalie Carter-Giles, Author of Hunting Helena

"Fans of Mary Kubica and Shari Lapena will enjoy Fear's atmospheric thriller that will have you guessing what and who you believe at every turn." - Brianne Sommerville, author of If I Lose Her

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