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Your Dream For Me by Alison Schaffir

A charming story of high school romance and big hopes for the future, Your Dream for Me deals with the ups and downs of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. When Scarlett meets Nathaniel in her junior year, she feels an instant spark between them. To spend more time with him, Scarlett volunteers to usher at the school’s drama presentation, which stars Nathaniel. As they get to know each other, they share their dreams for the future. Scarlett wants to become a fashion designer, and Nathaniel’s wish is for a career in acting. Scarlett develops an interest in behind the scenes wardrobe, and she hopes their futures will be intertwined. Their mutual attraction to each other and love of theatre makes for a sweet love story.

But what is high school without a little drama? Enter Tina, who plays the lead opposite to Nathaniel and who wants Nathaniel for herself. Willing to do anything to keep Nathaniel away from Scarlett, she creates a rift between the two couples. Added to that, Scarlett’s best friend, Macie, is convinced that Scarlett has betrayed her confidence. Separated from the boy she loves and the friend who no longer trusts her, Scarlett attempts to find out the cause of their estrangement.

A strong young woman, Scarlett works toward her personal goals, but looks out for Macie’s best interests, advocating for her friend when she gets involved with the wrong boy. She roots for Nathaniel and supports his dream of going to NYC to study theatre, even through their breakup.

The romance and friendship between the characters was heartwarming, and I was compelled to read on to find out how they resolved the challenges in their path. Alison Schafer has woven mystery and intrigue into the story, leaving the reader to wonder why Scarlett’s friends have abandoned her. This was a fun romantic read about young love and carefree days, but it also dealt with some very real social issues and provided great insight into the trials facing young people on their way to becoming adults.

A great debut for Alison Schafer, and highly recommended whether you are a teen looking for a romantic story or an adult reminiscing about your high school crush and dreams, and all the related drama of growing up.

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