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What Still Burns by Elle Grawl

A page-turning thriller with a burning question to be answered: Who or what caused the fire that killed Lexi’s family years ago? Following the death of her aunt, Lexi returns to her hometown to sell her family’s farm, bringing out the ghosts and nightmares of the past.

With flashbacks to her childhood, the events of the night of the fire come to the forefront of Lexi’s memory. But it’s not only the trauma of the past she faces. After a blackout, Lexi wakes to discover a mutilated body on her neighbor’s property and no recollection of what happened. Threatening phone calls and mysterious sightings of a ghostly figure mess with Lexi’s mind. Her rekindled romance with boy-next-door, Kael, is the only bright spot in a religious, tight-lipped town with buried secrets.

A haunting tale of unresolved childhood trauma, What Still Burns kept me riveted as Elle Grawl exposed the truth little by little, leading to a shocking conclusion. The pace quickened with revelations surrounding Lexi’s past, and I was tempted to race through the final pages to get answers. Creepy and dark, this atmospheric psychological thriller will make you wonder who to trust. Keep all the lights on!

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