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The Drift by C. J. Tudor

Talk about a page turner! From the very start, this book will leave you hanging – literally – on edge, wondering what’s next. Short, action-filled chapters, each with a cliff-hanger, set the pace and keep the momentum going as pieces of a puzzle come together with jaw-dropping revelations.

Told from three different perspectives, this apocalyptic tale had me rooting for each of the main characters. Hannah, a med student trapped in an overturned coach with a handful of her peers during a blizzard, searches for a way out while tending to passengers who survived the crash. Meg, an ex-cop, wakes to find herself suspended in a stalled cable car with several others, a winter storm buffeting them as they struggle to remember how they got there and try to figure out a way to escape. And Carter, seemingly safe from the weather in a secluded chalet with his companions, deals with the problem of securing groceries and keeping the power on while avoiding a threat in the surrounding woods.

What links all of them is a deadly virus ravaging the world, and its after effects. Beyond that, their lives are intertwined in ways even they aren’t aware of. Unravelling the mystery of their connection and how their actions affect each other takes the story beyond one of simple survival to a study in the nature of humans. Who is the good guy here?

Heavy on action, suspense, and a riveting plot, the novel is actually character-driven, plunging the reader into the lives of the three heroes. As their past is exposed, so is the force within each that drives them. Alongside the strong characters, the setting has a life of its own. Winter. Mountains. Snowstorm. Seclusion. Something living in the woods.

Filled with more twists and ups and downs than the harsh environment itself, The Drift delivers one shocking revelation after another. C. J. Tudor provides a thrill of a ride, equal parts sci-fi, mystery, and horror, that will keep you guessing. Once you start reading, you won’t want to put this one down.

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