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The Anchorman's Wife by Joseph Souza

A gripping new thriller from award-winning author Joseph Souza! This book grabbed me from the beginning and kept me hooked through to the last page. I was immediately drawn into Shay Well’s life as she navigates her new reality following a physical assault that caused traumatic brain injury. Not only can Shay not recall who attacked her four months ago on the way home from the soup kitchen where she volunteered, she also continues to suffer from

memory fog, fatigue, and anxiety.

Adding to Shay’s long recovery from the brain injury is her concern for her blind daughter. The one thing Shay does recall is her attacker’s threat to harm 11-year old Quinn. Then there’s Shay’s successful anchorman husband, Gideon, who seems to be more concerned about his career status and extramarital affairs than he is about his family. Shay hires a full-time housekeeper to take some of the strain off her as she recuperates, but her condition doesn’t improve, and Shay finds herself doing things that are completely out of character for her. Has she lost her mind? Or does someone want her to think that’s the case?

It’s as though the brain trauma has resulted in a split personality. Now the police, who have been unable to find out who nearly killed Shay, are investigating reports that she has attacked a neighbor’s dog and is threatening children. Worried how this will affect a possible promotion, Gideon agrees that a family vacation on a ranch will help his wife heal.

It does more than that. The sudden turn of events resulting from family secrets that emerge during this retreat had me sitting up straight and shouting out “What??” One plot twist follows another as Shay’s life as she knew it comes completely undone. Why is this happening to her?

Author Joseph Souza does an amazing job of story-telling using multiple and varied points of view and different tenses. He puts the reader directly into the scene as it’s happening for optimum effect, and provides deep insight into each character’s personality and thoughts.

The Anchorman’s Wife will keep you riveted as the truth about Shay’s past is unravelled. Twists and turns abound in this story of a woman whose life is turned upside down. With each new revelation, you’ll be racing to get to the shocking conclusion. A great domestic thriller you won’t want to miss!

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