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Tangles Lies by Sue Jaskula

Tangled Lies delves into the seedy underbelly of a tourist town in this gripping story of the atrocities facing disadvantaged youth preyed upon by sex traffickers.

As Detective Ry James investigates an escort service, he meets Angel, an innocent victim who is unwittingly being groomed for the sex trade. Ry’s colleagues seek to take down the ring-leader of the organization, while Ry deals with a case of fraud and possible murder. He meets Chelsea, who is trying to escape her abusive boyfriend, Jack. Ry’s instant attraction to Chelsea complicates his work assignment as he seeks to protect her.

Drawing a parallel between domestic abuse and human trafficking, Tangled Lies explores the conditions and situations that put victims at the mercy of their violators. At the same time, it brings to light the real human emotions of detectives whose job brings them face to face with these horrific crimes. Part crime fiction, and part romance, this dialogue-driven story places the reader directly into the scenes.

A fast-paced tale of sexual exploitation and the people fighting to put a stop to it, Tangled Lies provides a well-executed blend of police procedure with romance. Action-filled scenes and plot twists lead to shocking revelations as Detective James sifts through lies and deception. Jaskula will keep you turning the pages with her empathetic portrayal of victims, and a realistic take on the conflict between work and personal life in law enforcement. Can’t wait to see what’s next for this team of detectives!

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