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Sticks and Stones and a Bag of Bones

A great beach read!

If you can’t go to the beach, let the beach come to you. Heather Weidner has created a perfect book escape with waves rolling in on a sandy shore in a charming village complete with a bookstore, coffee shop, hotdog stand, and Christmas store, not to mention lovable fur babies. It’s a cozy read for those lazy, sunny days by the water, or for the winter season in front of a fire, dreaming of the sea.

Jade, owner of Tis’ the Season gift shop, loves her cottage life and the business she inherited. The tight-knit community of Mermaid Bay has maintained its laid-back small town atmosphere while neighboring populations have been taken over by big business. It’s a peaceful life.

Then a bag of bones washes up on shore. Jade, along with fellow business owners, is bullied by threatening posters, notes, and voodoo dolls. Someone wants to shut them down. When one of the owners is murdered, Jade’s childhood friend and potential love interest, Sheriff Nick, is on the case, warning Jade not to get involved. Of course, Jade investigates the murder, putting herself in danger. I would have liked to see Jade and Nick’s relationship develop further, but hopefully that will progress in the next book in this series.

If you love a good cozy mystery, Sticks and Stones and a Bag of Bones is a fun read that transports you to a sunny paradise, where friends have each other’s backs, and romance is in the air. And of course, justice is served. How could you not love that?

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