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Skelee Boy by Sandra Rathbone

Kids will love this paranormal fantasy! And so will adults who enjoy a spooky tale. Skelee Boy, a middle grade novel, is a fun read, especially suitable for the Halloween season.

When Skelee and his family temporarily move from Spooky World to the human world, he is reluctant to leave behind his buddies, but after some time, he becomes friends with Nate, his new neighbor and classmate. As the Skeleton family makes plans to return to Spooky World for the winter holidays, Nate’s family asks if they can join them. Unbeknownst to Skelee, their arrival in this other world will put their lives in danger.

Not only is Skelee Boy an entertaining book, it provides kids with a learning experience. Mixed in with the adventures Skelee and his friends experience are references to historical and cultural people and events. Mythology also figures prominently with the inclusion of various creatures in Skelee’s hometown and their relationship with each other and humans.

Author Sandra Rathbone expertly weaves the theme of discrimination into her story by showcasing relationships such as the long-standing animosity between the Vampire family and humans, as well as the persecution of witches. A diverse blend of characters inhabits Spooky World, some of whom are distrustful of humans and others who believe ‘not all humans are bad’.

Friendship, family, and community play critical roles in both worlds. However, not everyone is accepting of the differences inherent within and between these worlds. As the novel progresses, it becomes increasingly darker as a battle of good vs evil ensures and Skelee must make a difficult decision. Skelee Boy is a delightful coming of age adventure that fans of Harry Potter will enjoy!

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