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Skelee Boy and The Demon King by Sandra Rathbone

Another great adventure in the Skelee Boy series! A deliciously fun spooky story, Skelee Boy and the Demon King delivers entertainment along with a moral lesson for kids. 

Like any other kid, Skelee enjoys spending time with his friends, both human and otherworldly, doing normal kid stuff. Belonging to two worlds, Skelee wants his best human friends to be a part of his supernatural circle, and to have harmony between them.

He had hoped that his last encounter with the demon Archimedes, which resulted in Skelee wounding him, would put an end to the evil that threatened the existence of his homeland, Spooky World. But when Demon Owls and Death Angels infiltrate the human world, Skelee and his friends are once again in danger. Middle graders will love joining them on their crusade against the powerful demon Archimedes who has sent his young son, Theo, to avenge him and open the way for his father to take over control of Spooky World from the just and righteous ruler, Governor Diablo, who is half human and half demon. Skelee once again takes up his ancestor’s blessed sword in the fight against the demon king, Archimedes, and his son.

A fun journey into the world of creatures that were cast away by humans centuries ago, this book reveals the existence of other Spooky Worlds throughout the human world. Fear and ignorance led mankind to chase these mystical beings into hiding where they lived apart from humans. I love the way author Sandra Rathbone tackles the issue of discrimination in this speculative series.

Young and old alike will enjoy this tale of a skeleton boy who seeks peace and justice for all creatures, regardless of their appearance and family background. Sure to become a children’s class tale of good vs. evil, the Skelee Boy series is a page-turning adventure.

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