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Secrets Don't Sink by K. B. Jackson

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery set in a coastal town with a history of secrets worth murdering for. Love the title – no, secrets don’t sink, they come to the surface sooner or later. One hundred and fifty years later, in this case. Author K. B. Jackson weaves a complex crime story that goes back generations and involves settlers, prominent citizens, and the indigenous Salish people of Chattertowne.

The main character, Audrey, a local reporter, doesn’t let anything deter her from finding the truth about her ex-boyfriend’s murder. Marcus, a conspiracy theorist, was digging into the town’s past before his body surfaced in the marina. As Audrey investigates, she uncovers a buried history and learns that people aren’t always who they present themselves to be. Unsure of who to trust in her cozy little community, Audrey puts herself in danger to solve Marcus’ murder.

I loved the author’s voice in telling the story through Audrey’s point of view, with a definite edge in her personality that comes through with quips about her situation, particularly her attraction to the men in her life. The added humor and romantic element was a real plus for me. Jackson delves into Audrey’s life to present a lovable heroine who gets herself into trouble in her personal life, her pursuit of a good story, and her quest to find justice for Marcus.

There are plenty of surprises and twists in this mystery to keep you turning the pages. Jackson builds the suspense and keeps the reader wondering right to the very end, shedding suspicion on several of Chattertowne’s respected citizens. Well-written and engaging, the perfect mix of a fun romantic cozy and a suspenseful thriller, Secrets Don’t Sink is an entertaining read. I look forward to more adventures with Audrey in Chattertowne.

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