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Neighbors to Die For by Linda Lovely

Such a fun, cozy romp through a charming coastal community. Marinas, islands, water. An ideal place to retire. Except for the fact that HOA presidents are being targeted as victims by a terrorist group.

A SWAT team storms in during an HOA meeting. A boat ride leaves some of its HOA passengers stranded on an island. Others are kidnapped. What is the connection between these events?

Kylee Kane, retired coast guard, now in charge of HOA security, makes for a strong female sleuth, assisted by her feisty sidekick Mom. Add Kylee’s ‘boss’ boyfriend, Ted, along with his curious son, Grant, and the villain doesn’t stand a chance of getting away. Lots of action and twists provide for a suspenseful read. Although Kylee and her family find themselves in some near deadly situations, they outwit their opponent by working together.

The different POVs draw the reader into their world, especially Kylee with her sense of humor, and Grant, with his younger, but savvy, perspective. Kylee’s senior citizen Mom brings additional spark to the story, and Ted adds a touch of romance. There’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

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