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If I Lose Her by Brianne Sommerville

An amazing debut for author Brianne Sommerville! What starts out as a slow-burn with a new mom suffering from postpartum depression turns into a page-turning thriller as she fights to keep her baby.

When Child Protective Services is called upon to investigate the case of a baby left unattended in the backyard heat, Jo has no memory of leaving her sweet Addy alone. Not only does Jo struggle with the anxiety and inevitable lack of sleep that new mothers face, she finds herself forgetful. Added to her concerns about being a good mom are Jo’s memories of her own childhood with an emotionally abusive mother. Jo would never do anything to hurt her daughter. But as unexplained incidents mess with Jo’s mind, it becomes apparent that someone wants her declared an unfit mother. What ensues is a question of who is gaslighting Jo and why.

As flashbacks of Jo’s past are woven with scenes of her interactions with family, friends and neighbours, the reader is led to several possible conclusions. I found myself vacillating back and forth about who was responsible for the strange occurrences that leave Jo baffled and her baby at risk of being hurt. The suspense ramps up with each chapter as the author reveals secrets about the people in Jo’s life. The further I got into the book, the quicker I turned the pages.

If I Lose Her is a book you won’t want to put down till you get to the truth. Expect to read well into the night. Fans of Ashley Audrain and Samantha M. Bailey will love this domestic thriller with its shocking conclusion that will leave you stunned. Can’t wait to read Brianne Sommerville’s second book!

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