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I Didn't Do it by Jaime Lynn Hendricks

I loved this book! Murder at the Murderpalooza – what a great premise! I felt like I was at the event, which allegedly mirrors a real-life thriller writer’s convention in NYC. This twisty whodunit was a fun read with a touch of humor, providing a glimpse into the world of writers, agents, and the publishing industry, and the issues they deal with in both their personal and professional lives.

An author nominated for the thriller award is found stabbed in her hotel room the morning of the big event. Four fellow authors, each with a link to the victim and targeted by the killer to be next, must work together to solve her murder. Author Hendricks pokes a jab at how easily people’s opinions can be swayed by social media and gossip when comments cause accusations to shift from one author to another.

The multiple points of view build suspense, shedding suspicion on each of the main characters as their secrets come to light. Written in the authors’ voices, Hendricks makes references to the thin line between fact and fiction and the feeling one is a character in someone’s novel, as well as the ‘so-called’ best practices in writing.

Set aside a full day for reading. Once you start, you won’t be able to put the book down! This fast-paced thriller will keep you turning the pages and guessing who didn’t do it and who did.

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