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Hunting Helena by Natalie Carter-Giles

A powerful debut for author Natalie Carter-Giles! Hunting Helena is a heart-wrenching thriller you won’t be able to put down. What if…? In each chapter, the author explores how a sequence of events could have been altered if different decisions had been made. Life can change in a split second. For Helena, one tragedy follows another and she questions how things could have gone differently, if only…

But left without a family or friends, Helena becomes the victim of a sadist and is kidnapped and tortured for more than three months by someone unknown to her. Barely escaping with her life, Helena vows to track down the monster who destroyed her life and was never found. Eight years later, she may finally have the chance to get her revenge.

Spanning multiple timelines, the suspense is heightened as chapters alternate between the present and past, chronicling the events that led to Helena’s imprisonment and the aftermath. Full of atmosphere, the setting evokes a sense of solitude that parallels the main character’s emotions. From the lighthouse at the foggy lake to the cornfield in the middle of nowhere, the reader follows Helena as runs from her life and her torment.

This realistic, fast-paced story of a woman’s experience with evil will keep you on your toes as the tables are turned and the hunter becomes the hunted.

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