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Finney and the Secret Tunnel by Jamie Lane Barber

A fun and educational mystery novel for middle-graders! Finney and The Secret Tunnel follows a young girl on an adventure through underground tunnels to help the Mathmysterians protect a secret treasure.

When Finney’s teacher disappears in the classroom storage closet, Finney stumbles into a whole new world underneath her school, situated in Virginia. She is entrusted by her teacher to assist her colleagues with preventing a group called The Order from stealing the treasure hidden there. By using her knowledge of history and mathematics, Finney digs deep inside to find the courage and strength to keep the secret hidden. With a reputation for getting into trouble, Finney struggles to be accepted for who she is. Her induction into the society of Mathmysterians provides an opportunity for Finney to make good choices and show she can be responsible and dependable. The main character is relatable and a good role model for children on their way to becoming young adults.

Readers will enjoy solving the puzzle alongside Finney as she races through the streets and tunnels of Virginia to help her teacher. Author Jamie Lane Barber builds suspense as the danger intensifies, and will keep you turning the pages to discover who can be trusted in this quest. An educational and entertaining story kids will love!

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