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Doomed by Blooms by Anna St. John

A delightful cozy mystery! The excitement begins early in the book when Josie, a former Kansas City crime reporter who retired to a charming English-style town, does her first human interest story for the local paper. Who would ever imagine a puff piece about a ballerina would lead Josie to a murder investigation?

When the ballerina’s husband, Bob, is poisoned, Josie and her mahjong-playing friends (old biddies, as Chief Marshall calls them) involve themselves in the case, the Chief warns them to stay out of it. So naturally, Josie puts on her crime reporter cap and plays amateur sleuth, putting herself in danger.

Josie and her friends volunteer to help hardware owner Harvey, whose hobby is to turn metal to art, with his booth for the Summer’s End Festival, while keeping their eyes open for clues to the identity of Bob’s murderer.

I enjoyed all aspects of this book, from the solving of Bob’s murder to the flirtation between Josie and Harvey, the Mahjong Mavens’ friendship, and the lovely community of English Village. Author Anna St. John has created an appealing older sleuth with endearing touches such as Piper, her red VW convertible and her English sheepdog, Moe.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries set in pleasant little towns, add this book to your list. A fun, easy read! I look forward to more of Josie Posey’s adventures!

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