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Death in the Ozarks by Erik S. Meyers

This was a fun book to read, with a likeable main character who can’t keep her nose out of other people’s business. Very relatable. When Sally Witherspoon discovers her best friend and business partner’s body in the dumpster behind their bar, she makes it her mission to find out who killed him and why. A busybody who cares about the people in her small town, Sally has a lot of grit and doesn’t let anything stand in the way of getting to the truth, even if it puts her life in danger.

The atmosphere of a small community in the Ozarks, set against the mountains and wilderness, lends itself well to the tight-knit group of residents who frequent Sally’s Smasher, the bar that lives up to its name when drinks flow and fists fly on a Saturday night. A cross between a cozy and traditional mystery, Death in the Ozarks deviates from the quaint towns often featured in cozies, with its biker bar and rough clientele mixed amongst respected citizens.

Plenty of action keeps the plot moving as Sally, much to the disapproval of Detective Finnegan, insinuates herself into the investigation. Several unexpected revelations and turns of events lead to chapter cliffhangers. Readers will love piecing together the clues that lead to the murderer and their motive.

Author Erik Meyers has written a fast-paced story that will entertain mystery fans. With a satisfying conclusion, the book will leave you wondering what’s next for Berry Springs’ bar owner and amateur detective.

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