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Clocked Out by Anna St. John

Another great Josie Posey mystery! The second book in this series, Clocked Out, follows Josie and her friends, the Mahjong Mavens, as they probe into the accidental death of a talented young clock designer.

Charming English Village is the perfect backdrop for this cozy mystery with its lovely shops, festivals, beautiful scenery, and friendly citizens. When Ella McGregor returns home to help out in her father’s clock shop, she suffers a deadly fall off a ladder. Her last words lead Josie to believe it wasn’t an accident. Three cryptic words are the clues that send newspaper reporter Josie, along with police chief Marshall on a hunt for a killer.

The discovery that Ella’s designs are worth a small fortune provides an obvious motive, but so do her relationships with family and friends, complex as the workings of the masterpieces she designs. With her loyal sheepdog Moe by her side, Josie remains brave when an unknown stalker warns her to back away from the case.

Like Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher, Josie is a curious, independent older woman who has a sharp mind for solving mysteries. And like Cabot’s Cove, English Village is a beautiful place to live—except for the murders. If you enjoy small-town cozies with a delightful amateur sleuth, Clocked Out is a perfect fit.

But there is so much more here to love. The information about clock making is an added bonus to the solving of the mystery. Just the right amount of researched details provide the reader with an education in horology. Juxtaposed with that are the delicious dishes served up by Josie’s friends, the recipes included at the end of the book.

What I find most enjoyable is the relationships Josie fosters in her small community. A nice blend of her close-knit female friends, the local police chief, her romantic interest, and her loyal sheepdog, assist Josie in her sleuthing and keep her safe.

Author Anna St. John delivers another delightful cozy crime story with lovable characters and an intricate plot with clues for the reader to unravel along with Josie Posey. A fun and entertaining read that will leave you eager for more of Josie’s adventures!

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