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Castle Gordon by Sue Jaskula

A charming love story filled with suspense! Set in a small lakeside town post second world war, Castle Gordon portrays the issues faced by women during that time period.

War widow Anna Gordon moves from the U.K. to Canada to stay with her husband’s brother and his family until she can set up the jewelry business she and her husband, Graham, planned to start after the war. Although she is left well off financially, her money is held ransom in a trust by her brother-in-law, Ian. Unable to access funds or to secure a loan without a man co-signing for her, Anna finds herself at Ian’s mercy. One night, as she flees Ian’s advances, Anna meets Joseph Hendrie, a local handyman, who offers sanctuary from Ian’s control. She feels an instant attraction to Joseph, but Ian and his wife, Marcy, set Anna up to be courted by Marcy’s brother, Everett.

A strong, independent woman, Anna forges ahead with her business plans without a man’s help, while attempting to extract herself, as well as Marcy and her children, from a tyrannical household. Not only does Anna deal with obstacles as a single woman in the 1940’s, she faces peril as it becomes apparent someone close to her may be involved in the disappearance of a young woman.

Anna doesn’t know who to trust. A web of lies, secrets, and deception, lead to an explosive conclusion with shocking revelations.

Jaskula’s mix of romance and danger in a quaint setting takes the reader on an exciting and informative journey to small town Canada in 1945. Her depiction of discrimination against women and homosexuals, among other social issues, provides an immersive experience of that era. You’ll want to put Castle Gordon on your ‘to read’ list of historical romantic suspense novels.

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