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Blind Spot by Desmond P. Ryan

A crime fighter turned crime writer tells it how it is. This is as real as it gets—crime fiction by a former detective. Drawing from his experience on the Toronto force, Desmond P. Ryan delivers an immersive reading experience. Strap yourself in and ride shotgun with Detective O’Shea in this gritty police procedural as he navigates the city streets in search of a killer. 

Blind Spot delves into the professional and personal life of Mike O’Shea during his investigation of a prostitute’s horrific death. Haunted by the memory of his former partner’s murder years ago as well as his own near-demise, and now dealing with his current partner’s retirement, Mike adjusts to his new sidekick, Carla (formerly Karl). With his mother and the dog she has adopted living with him and his teenage son, Mike already has his hands full at home, but then Carla moves in with them, blurring the line between home and work. Mike’s boss and colleagues are as much his family as is his mom, Mary-Margaret, and her Sunday dinners with the whole quirky clan.

Fast-paced and well-written, with realistic cop banter and witty exchanges between characters, Blind Spot brings a touch of humour to the grim world of homicide. Tackling the issue of transgender phobia, bullying on the job, and mental health concerns, the author brings social issues to the forefront of Mike’s work environment. Juxtaposed with that is his cozy little family who lives with the repercussions of Mike’s inner demons as he grapples with the deaths of victims and colleagues.

For lovers of hard-core crime fiction, Blind Spot delivers a real glimpse into the life of a city detective. The ending will leave you wanting to know more about Mike O’Shea and how he manages the trauma that’s an inherent part of being a crime fighter while bringing killers to justice. Catch up with the rest of the series!

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