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A Death at the Party by Amy Stuart

This fun mystery begins with a midnight murder in the bathroom as guests mingle during a garden party celebrating the 60th birthday of best-selling author, Marilyn Millay. With the killer’s identity revealed in the opening paragraphs, the question is: Who is the victim and why was he killed?

The story unfolds in a unique way, going back to the start of the day and following Nadine Walsh through the course of her day as she prepares to host the gala for her famous mom. Nadine wakes early the morning of the celebration, which is also the 30th anniversary of her aunt Colleen’s death, anxious to have everything perfect before guests arrive that evening. Having armed herself and family members with lists of what still needs to be done, Nadine encounters friends and neighbors as she runs errands and tends to last-minute details. As the day progresses, she recalls the events of 30 years ago. The past is seamlessly woven into the present, and Nadine uncovers evidence of who was responsible for Colleen’s death.

The first-person narrative drew me into the mind of a killer and propelled me toward a satisfying conclusion with many twists and turns along the way. With so many suspected victims and reasons for their possible demise, author Amy Stuart kept me riveted.

This hard-to-put-down thriller will have you racing through the pages as pieces of a puzzle come together, exposing not only the motive for the garden party killing, but also the 30-year-old secrets that led to this shocking murder. A great read!

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