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A Deadly Game by Gayle Brown

A highly engaging thriller about a mother who will risk everything to protect her son. A Deadly Game is a must read for all parents, especially those with young adult children. I was totally invested in Nicole’s trauma from start to finish.

Even as she considers the possibility that her son, Kyle, may be a killer, Nicole stands by him, setting herself on a destructive path. There’s nothing worse than having your child go missing, never knowing what happened, being forced to face the real possibility they are dead. But on the other side of that is being a parent to a boy who is a person of interest in the disappearance of the missing child. Every mother who reads this will relate to Nicole’s dilemma and her reaction to finding out her son, Kyle, was in the woods with his fraternity brother, Jaden, where he was last seen. Even though he is technically an adult, there is nothing Nicole will not do to protect Kyle from being taken into custody as the main suspect.

Nicole’s perfect marriage to Craig and her happy family of three are threatened not only by Kyle’s possible involvement with the disappearance of the college student, but also Craig’s stress level as he seeks a promotion at that same college, and Nicole’s meddling and deception as she tries to steer the police away from Kyle. When Nicole joins the police search party, a stalker and threatening notes telling to mind her own business add to the personal strain on her home life. As she struggles to hold her family together, Nicole uncovers lies and secrets that shatter her world.

One twist follows another in this suspense-filled tale of a college game gone wrong, right to the very end with its shocking revelation. Set aside a block of reading time. You won’t want to stop reading until all the pieces of this intricate puzzle come together.

Fraught with family secrets, A Deadly Lie delves into the mind of a woman whose world is turned upside down when what she believed to be true comes into question. Gayle Brown’s portrayal of a mother desperate to save her son will tug at your heartstrings as you follow her heart-pounding quest to find answers. An amazing debut domestic thriller!

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