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Twice the Trouble by Ash Clifton

There’s no shortage of action in Ash Clifton’s Twice the Trouble. Much like the Orlando, Florida tourist setting of the novel, protagonist Nolan Twice takes the reader on a roller-coaster of a ride as he seeks to recover funds stolen from his clients. With each new development, you’ll be wondering who to trust and whether anyone operates within the law. Never a dull moment!

Private investigator Nolan uses his diverse skills as a former athlete, cop, and convict to locate Valkenburg, the missing partner of a construction company, who is suspected of absconding with millions of dollars. Expect plenty of fist fights, gunshots, and bodies during a regular day in Nolan’s P.I. business. Seemingly fearless, he will stop at nothing to get results. In spite of his tough as nails exterior, Nolan is a likeable character with integrity. His softer side comes through in his interactions with friends and romantic interests, leading the reader to root for him even when his actions are questionable.

If you love your crime fiction chock full of revenge, blurred lines between good and evil, secret codes, and creative body disposal, look no further. Ash Clifton delivers an authentic story about the gritty world of drug dealers and shady corporations, all rolled up into one enjoyable read. I hope to see more of Nolan’s adventures in future books.

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