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Lenore's Last Funeral by J. M. Donellan

This captivating thriller will have you questioning everything you know about funerals. Like what exactly, is a moirologist? Grieving from the death of her boyfriend, Lenore Lyn immerses herself in the world of the dead, attending funerals for paying clients. As a professional mourner, she inherits a dilapidated mansion complete with a body, and may soon join those who sought out her services.

Multiple points of view enrich author J. M. Donellan’s unique style of writing by providing insight into an interesting cast of characters who deal with death on a daily basis. Darius, Lenore’s brother, has been ‘dead’ for a couple of years, an actor playing the role of a corpse. Orin, a recently deceased man, struggles with the rules of his demise as his ghost wanders Lenore's newly acquired property. Riley, daughter of the recently deceased, has no fear of death. And then there are the others, cult members who believe they can cheat death. This eclectic mix of characters questions the meaning of life and what happens after we die.

Immersed in so much death, a reader might be tempted to shed tears; it’s the irony of the tale and sardonic wit of the author that makes this book an engaging read. With an element of sci-fi and the paranormal, the book will have you wondering what is truly possible. Donellan blurs the line between literary and genre fiction in his portrayal of the human condition and man’s desire to be immortal (either physically or through their legacy). The tuatara and reptilian theme add food for thought about longevity vs. happiness.

A nice mix of the macabre and quirkiness, Lenore’s Last Funeral is an intriguing look at mankind’s mortality and the struggle to make sense of death.

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