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The Dead Lie


A Blue Water Mystery


Coming 2023
from Level Best Books


“Nothing good comes from digging up the past. Let the dead lie.” 

Lana needs to know the truth. Why have her parents lied to her all her life? Now that they’re dead, she’s on a mission to learn their secrets. They involve murder, a curse, and the Mafia. If she persists, others could die; if not, she will always live a lie. 

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You can run. You can hide. But in the end, the past catches up with you.


Lana, a young mother, who suffered a traumatic event 11 years ago, has been living under an assumed name. She visits her hometown to check if it’s safe to reclaim her identity, but becomes accident prone. When her parents die in a car crash, Lana blames her own past misdeeds, then discovers her mom and dad weren’t who they claimed to be, leading her to suspect their own secrets may be responsible for their deaths. 


Lana returns to her family’s native Croatian village to visit her grandma in hopes of learning the truth about her parents. When she meets the villagers, they slam their doors in her face at the mention of her father. Meanwhile, the mishaps that happened back home follow her to Croatia, as does a tall, dark stranger. 


Lana probes into the village’s past and uncovers a cold case and a decades old curse, bringing out the ghosts of the past, and putting herself in the same danger her parents ran from years ago. 

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